Webinar - Additional Info
Page Setup - headers, footers, section breaks

Prerequisites: None.
Duration: 1.5 Hours
Post session Q&A: Open for 30 minutes

Get that document out the door--and live happily ever after!  Learn these secrets to control headers, footers, and page numbering with complete confidence!  Once you understand the features available and how they work together, Word's headers and footers will never mystify you again.

Topics include:

  • Page Setup (Margins, orientation, paper trays, etc.)
  • First page and primary headers and footers
  • How to nix sneaky features like Same-as-previous
  • Navigate and print sections
  • Best view for troubleshooting section breaks
  • Page numbering (Suppressing, Starting, stopping, restarting, and formatting)
  • How to delete a section without trashing the previous header and footer (or losing your pleading paper).