Webinar - Additional Info
Numbered Outlines with Table of Contents

Prerequisites: Requires a basic understanding of Styles and paragraph formatting.
Duration: 1 hour
Post session Q&A: Open for 30 minutes

Stop fighting with numbered outlines. Learn how to use styles properly to control your numbered outlines. Generate a table of contents with a couple mouse clicks in a properly formatted document. Easily navigate and rearrange topics in outlined documents.

Topics include:

  • Special role heading styles play in outlines
  • Linking styles to a numbered Outline
  • Use styles to automatically create a Table of Contents for a Pleading
  • Navigate document using Heading Styles
  • Quickly rearrange outlined topics in your long documents

Please Note:


If you are a user, take our Numbering class instead of this course. (Contact us if you are not sure whether or not your firm has the Numbering Toolbar.)