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Word Object Browser
Laura Leader
MS Word Tip
Have you ever suddenly found yourself 30 pages away from where you need to be in a long document?
Press Shift+F5 to cycle through the last four places you've typed or paused the insertion point.

If you like that, you'll probably appreciate the object browser. (The round icon between the double up and double down arrows at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar.)
Word Object Browser     Word Object Browser
1. Click the round button to display the types of objects by which you can browse.  Browse objects include footnotes, images, tables, edits, headings, search words, etc.  (Hover your mouse pointer over the icons to display descriptions.) 
2. Click an icon to select it.
3. Click the blue arrows or press Ctrl+PgUp (previous) and Ctrl+PgDn (next) on the keyboard to browse to the next instance of the chosen object.
MS Word Tip
Q. Help! Word is out of control.  It will suddenly capitalize text, start numbering automatically, insert the copyright symbol, change formatting-all kinds of crazy things.  How can I make it stop?
A. When Word starts thinking for you, it is usually due to an AutoCorrect setting.  In "Pre 2007" versions of Word, choose Tools, Autocorrect Options to open the Autocorrect dialog box.  Most of the "problem" settings are found on the AutoCorrect and AutoFormat as you Type pages of the dialog box.
To locate the settings in Word 2007, click the Office Button (upper left) and then choose Word Options, Proofing, AutoCorrect Options.
PowerPoint Simplified
How hard could it be? Surely it would be faster to create the presentation yourself than explain what you want to someone else.  Or so you thought.
Now you are painstakingly formatting each slide.
Stop!  Rather than format bullet by bullet, slide by slide, apply your formatting defaults to the Slide Master.
Formatting applied to a PowerPoint slide master shows up on all slides in the presentation.  This includes fonts, bullets, line spacing, slide numbers, background pictures, colors, etc.
To access the Slide Master in pre-2007 versions of PowerPoint, Choose View, Master, Slide Master.  In PowerPoint 2007, clickthe View tab, then Slide Master.
Word Object Browser
Format the elements on the slide masters to match your preferences for the current presentation.  If you have a logo file saved on your computer, choose Insert, Picture, From File to add it to all slides.
When you are satisfied with the Slide Master appearance, choose View, Normal to return to the normal view and edit the presentation.  You can modify the slide masters at any time and the formattnig on your presentation slides will update to match (provided you have not applied manual formatting directly to the slides).