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Thread : Setting Formatting Defaults
From : DaveS
To : All

I have MS Word 2007 and my formatting defaults are not what I want -- strange font and the paragraphs have this weird line spacing.  In older versions of Word I was able to set my defaults by going into the format dialog boxes, setting them the way I wanted, and then clicking the default buttons.  But that didn't work in Word 2007.

This is driving me nuts.  Can you help?

Dave Schmidt

Posted by : DaveS Posted Date : Jun 15, 2010 Viewed : 15945
From : Laura Leader
Jun 15, 2010   2:25 AM
To : DaveS
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Hi Dave,

In older versions of Word, the method you described worked well.  But in Word 2007, I too have noticed that sometimes it works, but other times it does not.  Therefore, I recommend setting defaults through the Styles Manager.  This method has worked consistently for me so far.

Below are the steps and we also have a quick video on how to do this on our YouTube channel.

To set Word Font and Paragraph Formatting Defaults:

1) Choose the Home Tab.

2) Click the dialog box launcher (the tiny icon in the lower right corner of the Styles group).  The Styles task pane appears.

3) Click the Manage Styles button at the bottom of the Styles task pane.

4) Choose the Defaults Tab.  The defaults page of the dialog box displays.

5) Set your defaults in here.  Most Law Firms set the Font to Times New Roman 12, the paragraph spacing before and after to 0, and the line spacing to Single.

6) Choose New documents based on this template.

7) Choose OK.

NOTE - this only affects new blank documents -- those created from the Normal.dotm template.  If you have templates for documents or make copies of existing documents, you'll need to make the changes in those documents/templates too.

Here is our Video (be sure to click Watch in HD in the lower right!):

Good luck,
Laura Leader


Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jun 15, 2010
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