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Thread : Word Forms Toolbar
From : KT
To : All


I have Word 2007.  I'm tyring to work on a form I made in Word 2002 and I can't find the buttons for the form toolbar.  Also, when people type in the form I made, the check boxes don't seem to work right, and when they press tab it just tabs, it doesn't move them to the next field. 

Do you know what happened to forms in Word 2007?



Posted by : KT Posted Date : Jun 10, 2010 Viewed : 14726
From : Laura Leader
Jun 10, 2010   4:26 AM
To : KT
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Hi Kris,

Here is a YouTube video that answers this very question. Below the video I’ll write out the steps for you.
The forms toolbar is now considered a legacy tool because Word 2007 has new document content features to replace it. However, it’s still there – just hidden. To see the forms tools you need to turn on the developer tab.
To display the Developer Tab in Word 2007:
1) Click the Office button. (upper left corner of the Word window)
2) Choose Word Options. (Lower Right)
3) Check the Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon check box.
4) Choose OK. The Developer tab displays on the Word Ribbon. You can see the form buttons by clicking the folder-with-tools icon in the controls group on the Developer tab.
A form must be locked to behave like a form. Pressing tab and clicking check boxes won’t work if you forget to lock the form.
To lock a Word 2007 form:
1) Choose Protect Document > Restrict Formatting and Editing from the Protect group on the Developer tab. The Restrict Formatting and Editing task pane displays.
2) Check Allow only this type of editing in the document in the Editing restrictions area of the task pane.
3) Choose Filling in forms from the pull-down menu below the check box.
4) Click Yes > Start Enforcing Protection. You are prompted for a password. 
5) Fill in a password if you want one, but it’s not necessary.
6) Choose OK. The form is now protected and people can only fill in the fields and check boxes.
Later, if you need to edit the form, Choose Protect Document > Restrict Formatting to get the task pane back up and then click Stop Protection. Don’t forget to re-protect the form when you are done editing it!
Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jun 10, 2010
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