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Thread : Template Page 2 header
From : KMiller
To : All


I am making a letter template and I have one header on the first page and another on the second.  I have to put a page break in my letter to get to the second page to make that header.  But I don't want the page break to stay in my template, because not all letters go two pages.  Is there any way to make the second page header without putting in a page break?


Posted by : KMiller Posted Date : Sep 19, 2009 Viewed : 22181
From : Laura Leader
Sep 19, 2009   9:54 AM
To : KMiller
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Hi Karyn,

Actually, you need the page break to get to page 2 to put the header in.  But once the header is in place, delete the page break and then save your template.

You won't see it at that point (obviously) but technically, it is still there.  When people use your template to create a letter, if the letter spills onto the second page -- voila! the 2nd page header appears.

BTW - If anyone else is wondering how to get one header on the first page and a different one on the second page, you want to turn ON "different first page" which is a part of page setup.  Tell me your version of Word if you don't know how to find it.  

When that setting is "ON" the first page will have it's own header and footer, and every other page of that section of the document, starting on page 2, will have the other header/footer (Techinically known as the "primary" header and footer but now I'm probably getting boring....)

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Sep 19, 2009
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