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Thread : Calculations in Word Forms
From : moffet3
To : All

I've created calculations in a word form but the subtotal keeps doubling what the value should really be.  Help.

Posted by : moffet3 Posted Date : Nov 7, 2013 Viewed : 64640
From : Laura Leader
Nov 7, 2013   4:49 PM
To : moffet3
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31.2 in reply to 31.1
Hi Moffet, This is really strange because I have had this happen to me too, but I can't find much chatter about it on the internet. What I have discovered is that I get the double number when I have a calculation field that references another calculation field in the expression. Like a total that is adding something to a subtotal. I have to set the formula up for the total re-adding all the original fields, rather than adding something to the subtotal field. Madness. I just made a youtube video on it that you can see here: Maybe there is something I am missing, but it happens to me consistently and so far this is the only solution I can find.
Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Nov 7, 2013
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