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Thread : Calculating Check Boxes
From : misaac8021
To : All

I need to calculate check boxes in a word form.  I need each check box to have a numerical value and can be used in a final calculation such as =each check box value/total possible score.

Is this possible in Word or only Excel?  If Excel only, can the table contents be pasted into a Word form with the calculation.

Thanks!  I am happy to find this helpful site and videos!

Posted by : misaac8021 Posted Date : Nov 13, 2012 Viewed : 151278
From : Laura Leader
Nov 13, 2012   4:35 PM
To : misaac8021
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Hi Misaac,

I don't know of any way to automatically add check boxes.  I think you will need a VBA macro to do this.  What version of Word are you using?  And is this form jus for you or are you giving this to other people to use? 

Let me know and I'll see if I can come up with something that will add them up for you.



Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Nov 13, 2012
From : misaac8021
Nov 14, 2012   9:36 AM
To : Laura Leader
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27.3 in reply to 27.2

Thanks Laura!  The form will be used by other people.  It is a Performance Evaluation template.  If you have an email address, I can send you the form with a password to unprotect it so you can see exactly what I am looking to do.


Posted by : misaac8021 Posted Date : Nov 14, 2012
From : Laura Leader
Nov 14, 2012   4:13 PM
To : misaac8021
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27.4 in reply to 27.3

Hi Mindy,

This will require vba programming to do the calculation.  If other people are going to be able to click the button to calculate the number, then they'll need that programming in the form they use, which opens a can of worms due to macro security settings and getting other people to place tempates in the right directories or change these settings can be quite the headache.

Though, if YOU are the only person who needs to do the actually tally, you could let them fill out the form, send it back to you, and then you just click the button to run the calculation with all the macros on your machine.  That would be much easier.

you can email me at laura @

But don't use the spaces.  I just added those in here because every time I put my email address on a web page, TimeWarner, my interne service provider decides I'm a spammer and shuts down my email for  a few days.



Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Nov 14, 2012
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