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Thread : Read only attachments in Outlook
From : KT
To : All

I noticed that attachments I receive in outlook are read only now.  Is there any way around this?  I receive some attachments that I need to modify and then forward on to our firm's paralegals.  In the past I could just open the attachment, make the changes, save it and then forward the email.  Now it seems I have to save the attachment outside of the email, start a new email, and then re-attach it.

Also, does that have to do with the annoying prompt that says "This file was edited in protected view - enable editing?" that I keep getting when I open documents for the first time?

Posted by : KT Posted Date : Jan 9, 2012 Viewed : 9110
From : Laura Leader
Jan 9, 2012   6:51 PM
To : KT
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Hi KT, They are actually separate issues.

Read Only Attachments
Right now, MS has deliberately designed Outlook 2010 so that files are always read only when they are attached to an email message. My understanding is that this is to protect people from editing an attachment incorreclty and losing their changes. As a software trainer for law firms, I can tell you that I have seen people do this more than once -- they didn't understand that as long as the attachment is attached to the email message it is a part of the email. They edit it and save their changes. When they close the email, they are prompted to save changes to the email. They say NO, thinking the changes were to the attachment, not the email. And it's goodbye changes.

However, it seems there are a lot of people like you who do understand how it works are are deliberately choosing to modify a document and leave it attached to the email message for convenience. If enough people complain to Microsoft I suppose its possible they might rethink this "protection" but my understanding is that as of right now, all files are read only when they are attached to an Outlook 2010 email message and that's that.

Protected View Protected view is a different animal. This is part of the enhanced security that comes with Word 2010. It is designed to protect you from other people who might put a malicious script (virus) in a document. If you typically don't need to modify documents you receive as attachments and download, it's probably best to just tolerate this feature. But if it's driving you nuts, you can turn it off.

Another option is to create a trusted location and drop Word attachments and downloads into that folder. Then when you open them you won't have to click "enable editing" to work on the document.

To turn off protected view:

1. From within Word, choose File, Options, Trust Center.
2. Click the Trust Center Settings button (located toward the right).
3. Choose Protected View (along the left).
4. Clear the checkboxes for file types that you do not want to have open in protected view.
5. Choose OK.

If this doesn't work, make sure you don't have any file types set to be blocked. This is under File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, File Block Settings.

Note: The third checkbox for files located in a potentially unsave location is probably best left checked. This refers to locations that malware might worm its way into, but that you would probably never deliberately use for a document. So it shouldn't be a major irritant and if a document is in one of those locations, it's likely something fishy is going on.

To designate a trusted location:
Alternatively, you may want to make specific folders you use for doucments trusted. That way when you put files in them you won't get the prompt.
1. From within Word, choose File, Options, Trust Center.
2. Click the Trust Center Settings button.
3. Choose Trusted Locations.
4. Click the Add New Location button then use the dialog box to choose the location to trust.

Good luck. Let us know if you have any more problems.
Laura Leader

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jan 9, 2012
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