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Thread : Macro Security for Templates
From : KT
To : All

I made some macros for my law firm that use VBA.  I want everyone to be able to use them, but users keep getting macro security warnings and it's driving them crazy.  I have one attorney who doesn't get the warning but my macros just don't run at all on her computer.

I am afraid to turn the macro security off.  Do I need to get a code signing certificate to get my macros to run?  Those cost a few hundred dollars and it seems unreasonable since I know the macros are safe.

Is there a way to get the macros to run without getting the secuirty prompts?  Thanks.

Posted by : KT Posted Date : Jan 9, 2012 Viewed : 113472
From : Laura Leader
Jan 9, 2012   7:01 PM
To : KT
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Hi KT,

You just need to put your templates in the locations designated in MS as the appropriate location and make sure those folders are trusted.

I did a YouTube video on this that you can see here: 

You can see Word's template locations under File, Options, Advanced, File Locations.  Document templates goe in the Workgroup or User template folder.  Global/startup templates (those with macros and toolbars that you always want available) go in the startup folder.

Use File, Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Add New Locations if the location doesn't show up as a trusted folder.  This did not use to be necessary but I've noticed with Word 2010 that I need to add the Workgroup location as a trusted folder.

Hope this helps,

Laura Leader

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jan 9, 2012
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