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Thread : 28 Line pleading line spacing
From : Debbie
To : All


I'm having some difficulty getting my line spacing in a 28 line pleading.  I found this thread - and tried the suggestions but I still can't get my line spacing right.

The first two lines are perfectly aligned but the next ones are slightly above the number.

Any help would greatly be appreciated. :)



Posted by : Debbie Posted Date : Aug 16, 2011 Viewed : 103636
From : Laura Leader
Aug 16, 2011   10:17 PM
To : Debbie
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22.2 in reply to 22.1

Hi Debbie,

The trick to lining text up in a pleading is to always use "exact" line spacing.  Never use single or double spacing.  It is not exact and will cause your text to "creep" down the page.

The question is what is the line spacing for the pleading paper numbers?  You can find this out be getting into the header and examining their formatting.  (I know they go down the side of the page but they are usually actually in the header.)

Once in the header, you should be able to press Shift+F1 on your keyboard (reveal formatting) and then click them to see all the formatting on them, part of which should be line spading.  Otherwise, you can click one and then go into paragraph formatting to see what it's set to.  How to get into that varies between versions of word.  Usually you can right click on one and then choose Paragraph... to see the formatting.

These days, the pleading paper numbers are USUALLY set to "Exactly 24" which means when you formating the paragraphs in your document, you will use Exactly 12 point line spacing for that text which looks single spaced, like in the caption and quotes.  And exactly 24 points for that text which looks double spaced, like the body of the document.

If you're still stuck, tell me what version of word you're using and let me know if you can get into the header to determine the line spacing for the pleading paper.

Ideally, you'd use a template that's formatted with styles that make it easy to pop the formatting on and off, but I understand you may not have access to something like that.  You can see what I'm talking about on our website under Solutions, Macro Package Software Demos.(

Hope this helps,

Laura Leader

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Aug 16, 2011
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