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Thread : Trouble lining text up in California Pleading
From : Gretchen L
To : All


I am working on a CA pleading where we have the 28 line numbers down the side.  I was told to make sure my line spacing is Exactly 24 pts. for what looks double spaced and exactly 12 pt. for single.

This works good but when I have a quote that is exactly 24 pts., sometimes the text after it is off by one line.  Same with headings that are exactly 12 pt. line spacing.  (For single spaced headings in a pleading)

How can I line the pleading text up right after the single spacing?

Posted by : Gretchen L Posted Date : Aug 14, 2010 Viewed : 53760
From : Laura Leader
Aug 14, 2010   1:20 AM
To : Gretchen L
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Hi Gretchen,

When you have an even number of lines in an "exactly 12 pt." line spaced paragraph in a CA pleading, the next paragarph will be off by exactly 1 line, lining up right between the pleading paper numbers.  This can also happen with the very first paragraph under the caption, depending on whether an odd or even number of lines used by the caption.

You can realign text one of two ways:

1. Put your cursor at the very end of the Quote/Heading and press Shift+Enter.
The next paragraph is pushed down exactly 1 line to align with the next number. Shift enter is a line break - it pushes text down one line without starting a new paragarph.  

The reason this works more frequently than pressing enter, is because enter starts a new paragraph and usually when a pleading paragraph is set up to have exactly 12 pt. line spacing, it's also set up with 12 pts. extra space after so it won't be jammed against the text below it.  Consequently, pressing enter ends up dropping you down too far.

2. Put your cursor in the single spaced paragraph or the one after it and press Ctrl+Zero.
Ctrl+0 toggles on/off 12 pts. space before to the TOP of the paragarph your cursor is in.  Basically a lines worth of space.  Press it repeatedly to watch your pagraph toggle up/down a line.

Be careful turn off the Ctrl+0 formatting for the next paragraph.  For example, if you add it to a paragraph after a quote, it will drop down and line up right.  However, when you press enter after typing that paragraph, the new paragraph ALSO has the extra paragraph spacing.  Press Ctrl+0 again in that paragraph to toggle it off, otherwise as you continue adding paragraphs they'll have extra large gaps between them and every other one will be off a line.

Good Luck!  If you need assistance getting your California pleading formatted properly in the first place, let us know, we can help!


Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Aug 14, 2010
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