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Thread : Left and Right Align on one Line
From : Gretchen L
To : All

I have a document in Word where I need to have a NAME over to the left and the DATE over to the right on the same line.

So I typed the name and had my cursro after it, and then chose Right Align to try to get over to the right for the date, but the whole paragraph goes to the right.

How can I have part of the text left aligned and the rest right aligned?  My friend said you have to use spaces to push it over, but it seems there must be a better way.


Posted by : Gretchen L Posted Date : Jul 28, 2010 Viewed : 33572
From : Laura Leader
Jul 30, 2010   4:52 AM
To : Gretchen L
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Hi Gretchen,

In Word, you can only assign one type of alignment to any one paragraph, because paragraph formatting is stored in the paragraph mark at the end of the paragraph.

So when you want to be able to have part of a paragraph aligned differently that the rest of the paragrah -- like you are describing with some text left aligned and other text right aligned, you use TABS.  Word has special tabs for left aligned, centered, right aligned, and aligned by decimal point.

We have a video on this on our YouTube channel.  You can see it here:


Hope this helps!


Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jul 30, 2010
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