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Thread : Missing Ruler
From : DaveS
To : All

Ever since we got Word 2007 I can't find the ruler bar.  How do I turn turn on the ruler in Word?

Posted by : DaveS Posted Date : Jul 12, 2010 Viewed : 25935
From : Laura Leader
Jul 12, 2010   2:45 AM
To : DaveS
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Hi Dave,

You can check the Ruler check box which is located in the Show/Hide group on the View ribbon.

But the easiest thing to to is click the TINY white icon on top of the vertical scrollbar.  In Word 2007 this toggles the ruler on/off.

I dont' know what the deal is with it disappearing.  This happens to me too and I've had several clients also mention it.  It's weird, but at least clicking the icon is pretty quick and easy.

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jul 12, 2010
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