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Thread : Training
From : estaton2010
To : All

 Hi, there!

Will there be an upcoming webinar covering Table of Contents and Table of Authorities in MS Word 2007 in July?  Inquiring minds would like to know!  -:)


Posted by : estaton2010 Posted Date : Jun 28, 2010 Viewed : 21826
From : Laura Leader
Jul 5, 2010   3:03 AM
To : estaton2010
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Thanks for your inquiry.  We do not have any planned for July.  You can view our upcoming classes on this site under WebinarsScheduled Classes.  

We are planning to start adding some pre-recorded topics soon, and Table of Authorities will probably be one of our first topics, as we get so many requests for that one. 

Table of Contents is also extremely popular "request-wise" however, while teaching someone how to generate a table of contents for a legal document is extremely simple, what you most likely really need to know is:
1) How to format the document properly so that you can click insert TOC and have it work.
2) How to manage headers, footers, and section breaks so that you can change the page numbering for the table of contents.

If you don't have a legal macros  for Word, those two topics get much more involved and #1 requires an understanding of Word paragraph formatting, styles, and multi-level outlines.   Once you have those mastered the TOC is just a mouseclick or two away...  ;-)

We are planning both live and recorded webinars on all those topics but probably not in July.

If you're interested, our numbering tool handles the TOC, including the page numbering,  You can see a demo of the Word 2003 version at the bottom of this page:

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jul 5, 2010
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