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Thread : Can't enable Word 2007 Add-in
From : KT
To : All

I have Adobe Acrobat installed but the add-in for Word is not checked.  When I try to enable it through the Word Options I get a message that says "This add-in is installed for all users on this coputer and can only be  connected or disconnected by the administrator." 

But I looked at my user profile in the control panel and I AM an administrator.  How can I enable it?  This is Word 2007 and I have Windows 7 too if that matters.

Posted by : KT Posted Date : Jun 22, 2010 Viewed : 23072
From : Laura Leader
Jun 22, 2010   1:24 AM
To : KT
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Here are the steps to enable the add-in (See Windows 7 user note at bottom first):

1) Locate the Winword.exe file on your system.  (It's shoudl be located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12)
2) Right-click Winword.exe.
3) Choose Run as Administrator.
4) Click the Office Button in the Upper Left of the Word Window.
5) Click the Word Options button at the bottom of the menu
6) Choose Add-Ins on the left
7) Choose Com Addins from the Manage Pulldown at the bottom of the dialog box.
8) Choose GO.  A list of add-ins appears.
9) Check the Addin to load (in your case the Adobe one).
10) Choose OK.  
12)  Close and then re-open Word to make sure setting save.  You should be back in action!

NOTE: With Windows 7 and Vista,  you don't have to browse out to find the Winword.exe file, you can click the windows start button (lower left of screen), type winword in the search box at the bottom, then, when Winword appears ont he list, right click it and choose Run as Administrator.

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jun 22, 2010
From : KT
Jun 22, 2010   2:06 AM
To : Laura Leader
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Thanks but this is weird.  I did that and it seemed to work.  It let me check it.  But Adobe was still not there, and when I looked, it was not checked in the Add-ins again.


Posted by : KT Posted Date : Jun 22, 2010
From : Laura Leader
Jun 22, 2010   2:10 AM
To : KT
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10.4 in reply to 10.3

Hi Kris,

It's possible the add-in is disabled.  When Word crashes, the next time you open it, a lot of times it will blame the incident on the first add-in it sees on the list and ask if you want to disable it.  People don't really understand the prompt and say YES (the default) and then can't get to their addi-n! 

Try this in Word 2007 (Run as admin per above steps, or I've noticed it does not stick.):

1) Click Office Button
2) Click Word Options
3) Click Add-ins
4) Choose Disabled, Items from pull down at bottom.
5) Click GO
6) If it is listed in disabled items window, select it and then choos ENABLE.
7) Close Word completely then reopen it.
Let me know if that works.  If not, I would try removing the add-in and adding it again, but I bet it is disabled.

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Jun 22, 2010
From : KT
Jun 22, 2010   2:19 AM
To : Laura Leader
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10.5 in reply to 10.4

Hey, that worked!  Thank you!


Posted by : KT Posted Date : Jun 22, 2010
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