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Thread : Paragraph left at bottom of page
From : john
To : All
Can I format a paragraph so that it stays on the same page as the one below it.
Posted by : john Posted Date : Aug 3, 2009 Viewed : 11838
From : Laura Leader
Dec 28, 2009   6:28 AM
To : john
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Hi John,

Yes, you can use Format, Paragraph, Line and Page Breaks, Keep with next to format a single paragraph to stay on the same page as the one below it -- like the pargraph right above a signature block.

But if you want to keep all heading styles on the same page as the paragraph below them, then I would use the same formatting command, but put it in the heading style.

So for example, in Word 2003 or older, you would choose:
1. Format, Styles and Formatting,
2. Pick Modify from the Styles and Formtting task pane for that style.
3. Choose Format, Paragraph to make the change, and it will update the style inside of that document. 

The benefit of putting it in the heading style is that it will work anywhere you use that style throughout the entire document. 

BTW -- If you have Law Office Solution's legal macro package (, the numbering toolbar has a FORMAT button that has a feature for this at the bottom to turn it on/off for a level of your numbered outline.  Legal professionals use numbered outlines all the time and usually want to make sure that level 1, and possibly level 2 of their outlines never get separated from the paragraph below them.  The numbering toolbar automates it for you.

Posted by : Laura Leader Posted Date : Dec 28, 2009
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