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End the pain now! 

Law Office Solution helps legal professionals get the most out of their technology investment by showing them the fastest, easiest way to stay on top of their schedule and get their documents out the door.  

Law Office Solution provides a variety of services to accomplish this ranging from in-house and web based software training to custom MS Word Automation designed specifically for your firm.


MS Word

Stop cursing and start filing!  We understand legal document formatting requirements.  We provide easy to use solutions for the many MS Word formatting challenges legal professionals face.  We are the creators of, a comprehensive software program that works from within MS Word to simplify the formatting of complex legal documents.  We use computer programming to further customize the templates and macros included with to meet each client’s unique needs.



We provide software training in house and by webinar. Our training targets the features most beneficial to legal professionals for a variety of software programs popular with law firms.  We offer pre-set classes but will also gladly customize training to meet your specific objectives.



Laura’s Bio


Laura Leader is the principal consultant for Law Office Solution.  She has been providing custom software training and programming solutions to law firms for over 15 years. 

Laura has expertise in most software programs used by law firms, such as the MS Office Suite programs and Document Management Systems like Interwoven and Hummingbird DM, but her top specialty is teaching MS Word and developing custom template and macro package solutions for MS Word.

Laura’s company, Law Office Solution, provides a comprehensive MS Word legal template and macro package which they individually customize for each law firm.  They also offer in-house training, webinar courses and user guides—all developed with the needs of the California legal professional in mind.



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